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MarkSteven has dedicated his professional life to discovering and articulating what works best in teaching, learning, and leading. Mark is a premier facilitator engaging participants to think and act in ways that amplify their impact. 

Currently, MarkSteven is founder, president, and CEO of centrepointe leadership. His career of nearly 40 years includes roles as an elementary and middle school teacher, middle and high school principal, trainer, Chief Learning Officer, consultant, speaker and author. 

Mr. Reardon earned his B.A. in Psychology and Religion from California Lutheran University, his teaching credential from Biola University, and his M.S. in Educational Administration from California State University, Fullerton. As a faculty member for the Masters in Educational Leadership at California State University, San Marcos, he teaches and mentors aspiring principals. His most current focus is partnering with educational leaders to make schools a better place for students and teachers.

When not engaged in professional endeavors, Mark enjoys cycling, hiking, tennis, playing drums, and anything chocolate.

He is surrounded by the love and support of his wife, Lynn, and their two boys, Noah and Tate.

empowerer of people

Need a boost of competence and confidence as a leader, trainer, facilitator or speaker? Let's partner to make that happen.

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Look what's inside!

You most likely found this site by searching for leadership development or educational consultant.

However you got here, I'm so glad you're here! 

Your leadership matters. The better you know yourself, what you stand for and where you're headed the more empowered your team feels.

Looking to develop yourself and your team? Check out the section Summer 2019 Special: Retreats section. 

Looking to join a group of like-minded leaders who collaborate to solve important issues? Scroll down to Workshops, Keynotes & Retreats section and find Leaders Collaborative.

Looking to enhance your instructional coaching repertoire? See Coaching for Impact in the Workshops, Keynotes and Retreats section.

Have you become discouraged, scattered in your thinking or feeling pulled in too many directions? Read the blog There is an "i" in Leadership, and find Initiativitis in the Workshops section.


What do YOU think about change?

Podcast, MJST, change, leadership

In this session, we explore our beliefs about change and how leaders move beyond managing change to facilitating a transformation.

SUMMER 2019 SPECIAL! Leadership Retreats: Invest In Yourself & Your Team

DELTA: The Power of Change. Ready to take your people to the next level of impact?

It's About You!

I know, that sounds a bit self-centered and myopic, but 

your leadership matters. 

And we both know that the degree of your impact is directly related to your own clarity and congruence.

You are the centre pointe of the organization. And although there is no "i" in team, there is an "i" in leadership.

What If?

What if you experienced greater fulfillment, joy, and excitement every day? What if the impact others experienced from you brought them a greater sense of loyalty, dedication, 

and enthusiasm?

It's possible ... and more importantly, you have what it takes to make it a reality. 

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Let's Do This!

Your leadership matters--every day, every moment. What you say and do profoundly impacts your team. When you use congruent communication the impact is deep and lasting. 

It's time to invest in yourself; to focus on developing your competence so you can lead more confidently and
magnify your impact.

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our partnership

Let's Start Here!

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In our initial conversation, we'll explore how you can experience 

greater joy, energy, and fulfillment as you learn to magnify your impact.

Based on this conversation, I'll send you a customized approach 

to how our partnership can move you and your organization forward.

workshops, keynotes, retreats

centrepointe leadership, MarkSteven, Reardon, impact, business, education, consultant

Magnify the thinking, motivation, and action in yourself and your team to move your organization forward with greater clarity and energy. 

The workshops, keynotes, and retreats are customized to meet your outcomes, strengthen you and your team, and move you toward more consistent results.

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executive coaching

centrepointe leadership, MarkSteven, Reardon, impact, business, education, consultant

Lead with greater sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and joy as we partner to embed the habits necessary to speak and act more congruently.

your journey


centrepointe leadership, MarkSteven, Reardon, impact, business, education, consultant

The journey into the power of your impact begins with gaining clarity about what you value, what you want to accomplish, and your 

One Main Thing.

Let's ensure that your center--values, beliefs, motivations, desires--are crystal clear.


centrepointe leadership, MarkSteven, Reardon, impact, business, education, consultant

Your words and actions--expression--emerge from what you truly believe is possible for yourself, others, and your organization.

Let's explore how you express yourself to ensure that the message you intend to send is the message everyone receives.


centrepointe leadership, MarkSteven, Reardon, impact, business, education, consultant

Gaining clarity about who you are, what you stand for and how you express yourself leads to your impact in the world--your team, department, organization. Let's employ strategies that  empower those around you to

 magnify their impact.

workshops, keynotes, retreats

The One Main Thing

centrepointe leadership, MarkSteven, Reardon, impact, business, education, consultant


Initiativitis©: Diagnosis, Prognosis and Prescription

Why? What we focus on matters.

In this collaborative, solution-oriented experience, leaders examine current initiatives in their organization, explore the answers to How many is too many? and What's the impact on personnel and students? and write a prescription that either prevents, manages or cures initiativitis in their organization.



multiple-hour workshop

learning leaders: CEOs, managers, superintendents, associate superintendents, district directors, program coordinators

Team Efficacy

centrepointe leadership, MarkSteven, Reardon, impact, business, education, consultant, team


Conflict Solution: Moving Through and Beyond 

Why? Relationships matter.

Have you noticed that even though everyone on the team ascribes to the vision, mission and purpose, we can find ourselves caught in contentious conversations and rattled relationships? Or how can our “I’m-so-glad-you’re-in-this-with-me” camaraderie turn into “if-that-person-never-says-another-word-it’s-okay-with-me” animosity? The good news: Conflict happens in the best of relationships, within the best of teams, and even within the best of boards. The better news: We can not only move through and beyond conflict, we can even create conditions to minimize the impact. In this session, we’ll explore specific strategies that empower us to navigate the chaos of conflict, restore relationships, and keep us focused on accomplishing the mission. 


multiple-hour workshop

learning leaders: lead teachers, PLC leaders, district directors, program coordinators, superintendents, board members

Coaching for Impact

centrepointe leadership, MarkSteven, Reardon, impact, business, education, consultant, team


Put Me In, Coach! Improving Impact through Increasing Efficacy.

Why? Efficacy matters. 

Conducting professional conversations that stay focused and result in increased teacher effectiveness can be challenging. Put Me In, Coach! dynamically synthesizes cognitive coaching, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and neurolinguistics into a practical model that deepens reflection, increases personal accountability, facilitates transfer of effective practices, and ensures high levels 

of implementation. 


multiple day workshop with implementation support

learning leaders: instructional coaches, PLC leaders, principals, district administrators

Navigating the New Reality

centrepointe leadership, MarkSteven, Reardon, impact, business, education, consultant, team, change


Navigating the New Reality

Why? Reality matters.

Our students’ world is not the world in which we grew up nor is it the world they will live in. And yet knowing this truth, far too many schools remain entrenched in systems that produce the opposite of what we desire—competent, confident, young people who can thrive personally and professionally. 

This inspiring and thought-provoking experience highlights the impact discoveries in neuroscience is having on motivation and learning, what this means for classrooms and schools, and how learning-leaders—administrators, staff, and teachers—can navigate this new reality. 


multiple-hour workshop

learning leaders: lead teachers, principals, district administrators, superintendents

Solutions for Challenges

centrepointe leadership, MarkSteven, Reardon, impact, business, education, consultant, team, change


Leadership Collaboratives and Mentoring 

Why? Support matters.

These collaborative, solution-finding, meetings and accompanying one-to-one mentoring sessions gather leaders from organizations of districts to examine their current challenges, explore answers, and support one another in implementing solutions.

multiple months

learning leaders: principals, district administrators, superintendents

Do what you do ... better!

centrepointe leadership, MarkSteven, Reardon, impact, business, education, consultant, team, change

Improve your impact 

Specialized and personalized skill develpment

  • presentation & facilitation skills
  • implementing an initiative
  • designing meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars, speeches

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Leadership Retreats

leadership, retreats, centrepointe

You and your team are worth it!

It's time to step away from it all, gain perspective and re-align. Whether it's a half-day, full day or a couple of days, the time you invest in yourself and your team will magnify your collective impact.

Let's design your next retreat

It takes time to plan and organize a retreat regardless of the number of hours or days, so let's do it together. We'll clarify your outcomes and then design a meaningful and transformative experience that rejuvenates and empowers you and your team.

Back to School Special!

Planning a retreat for June, July or August?

Book by May 1 and get 25% off.

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Take a moment and call, text, or email me so we can explore what your next retreat could look like. 




Discovering and Sharing What Works

Hi! I'm MarkSteven and thank you for being curious about how to magnify your impact. Whether it's learning, teaching, leading or consulting, my unique combination of experiences in education and leadership have pointed to what works best in creating, designing and facilitating experiences that bring about lasting changes in thinking, motivation, and actions. #speaking #educational consultant

centrepointe leadership, MarkSteven, Reardon, impact, business, education, consultant, team, change

It's a Partnership

Every endeavor in my professional career--teacher, trainer, speaker, principal, author, and consultant--succeeded because of strong, trusting partnerships. When we partner, we see things not otherwise seen and do things we thought not possible. Let's partner to magnify your impact.


What Others Are Saying

MarkSteven Reardon has transformed the way I approach education and facilitation. There isn’t a single person who has influenced the way in which I engage, teach and learn the way MarkSteven has.  His understanding of how our brains learn best, combined with his facilitation methods, have allowed me to see incredible results in audiences that range from students to teachers and executives to community leaders.  Whether you are a teacher, executive, or youth leader, MarkSteven can elevate your potential to influence, educate and build a culture of growth.  

         -- Peyton Holland, Executive Director, SkillsUSA North Carolina 

I love that MarkSteven took the time to learn about our organization, understand our challenges, and deliver services that up-leveled the competency of all my leaders. Thanks, centrepointe!

          -- K. Horton, Director, Office of Education, SkillsUSA

"When looking to dynamically transform the way our leaders work with their teams, we immediately thought of MarkSteven. He is one of the most skilled trainers and group strategists I know. Our leaders gave centrepointe high marks for providing relevant yet dynamic content, with instant application to their work."

          -- N. Monell, Executive Director, National PTA

MarkSteven is a world-class educator with massive experience and a deep toolbox of skills. He holds a huge vision for what is possible in education and can model every bit of it. More importantly, he is an inspired, giving, and purposeful human being.

          -- Greg Evans, Owner, Seeds Training

 The session I enjoyed most was with Mark Steven. I believe that I grew the most in this session because he pushed is to ask ourselves the tough questions and was able to help all of us apply his information to all of the areas we are leading within. I chose exactly how I wanted to continue with The Classical Academies during this season and left with additional confidence in my choices. 

       -- Participant in the Leadership Institute 

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Why Some Leaders & Organizations Struggle

Perhaps it's about clarity.

Change is about congruency

Check out the video to see if you agree.



change, management, leadership, facilitation, education, business, team, centrepointe


Ever wonder why our efforts to make change happen don't quite get the results we desire? 

There are two reasons why our change efforts are failing and there's a simple solution that makes so much sense.

Find out more


leadership, culture, communication, clarity, consistency, impact, consultant, team, change

 When it comes to establishing an empowering culture where everyone excels, exceptional leaders know that it's about 

clarity, transparency, and consistency. 

discover how



Although not an "i" in team, there is an "it" in leadership. We spend much of our day giving to others--coaching, mentoring, guiding--and facilitating important decision-making meetings. If we're not careful, our energy and positive attitude diminishes. And we both know the impact that has on those around us.

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leadership, rules, strategies

 We search and search for ways to best lead our people. We create strategies to motivate, devise incentive programs, and give inspirational talks. What if it was simpler than that?  

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HotTips for Speakers,  education, training, speaking , presenting

Surefire ways to Engage and Captivate 

Any Group or Audience

These reader-friendly tips allow presenters, workshop leaders, and meeting facilitators to capture audience attention, boost involvement, enhance group rapport, and maximize 

learning situations. 



HotTips for Facilitators, education, teacher, facilitator, speaker, presenter

Strategies to Make Life Easier for Anyone  who Leads, Guides, Teaches or Trains Groups

 Packed with tips and activities, this handy guide helps facilitators promote productive group interactions and incorporate new strategies into their practice through self-assessment 

and reflection. 



HotTips for Teachers, education, teacher, presenter, facilitator, trainer

30+ Steps to Student Engagement

By combining the techniques of stage performers (sound level, tone of voice, body language) with those of great teachers (pacing, graphic displays), these presentation tips will help teachers grab and hold students' attention. Precedent has shown that students are more likely to stay focused and absorb information when their attention is held. These effective strategies will help teachers and trainers facilitate engaging learning experiences through good management of their students' attention. Each tip has a definition, explanation, affirmation, skill integration activity, learning strategy, and self-reflection prompts.



Strategies for Great Teaching, teacher, education, presentation, facilitation, teacher, students

Maximize Learning Moments

This exciting, practical guide offers teachers easy-to-implement strategies that help students draw personal meaning from the curriculum. 

Filled with great tips for engaging learners, this book is a must for any teacher. The authors show how a variety of strategies—cooperative learning, direct instruction, inquiry, reflective writing, and experimentation—can be used to help learners bond with the content.

Consider this a teacher-friendly guidebook for creating moments of genuine student understanding and comprehension.  


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